New Englands Finest Taxidermy Studio

North American Champion

Pete Lajoie

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  • Custom Kudu Pedestal

    Custom Kudu Pedestal

    60" Kudu shot by Pete in South Africa in 2007. Won best of show at the New England Association of Taxidermist competition in 2010 and second best in the world (large game heads) at the Worlds competition held in Springfield Illinois in 2013.

    The Kudu is supported by a replica of a lead wood stump, custom made 
    by us in our shop. The molds used for the creation of this stump were 
    made in Africa on the Safari which the kudu was taken. The natives were 
    quite confused watching me cast the stump (why would anyone cast a 
    stump!?) when I return I will show them why!

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  • "Records of Vermont Big Game"

    "Records of Vermont Big Game"

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    The much anticipated book promoting and preserving Vermont's hunting
    heritage. From Vermont's only official record keeping organization for big 
    game animals harvested in Vermont; Vermont Big Game Trophy Club.

    Records of Vermont Big Game
    This 400 page hardcover edition features photos and stories of over 
    3,000 of the finest deer, moose, bear and turkey harvested in Vermont.

    Stop by our show room to pick up a copy or send $35 + $5 shipping to:
    Vermont Big Game Trophy Club, PO Boc 109, Fairfax, VT 05454



  • The Sleeping Giant

    The Sleeping Giant

    North American champion for whitetail deer at the 1997 nationals held in Buffalo, New York. This piece also won best of show at the New York and Connecticut shows that same year as well as 2 WASCO awards (given for the most artistic piece in show).
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  • Newly Completed!

    Newly Completed!

    Bill Ryan shot this Rocky Mountain mule deer on the Jicarrilla 
    Apache Reservation in northern New Mexico on November 22, 
    2013. The monster mulie scored 230 6/8" Boone & Crockett 
    making is one of the largest mule deer taken in North America
    that year.

    Little more than a week later, he shot this tall tined Desert mule 
    deer in Sonora, Mexico on December 3, 2013 and it scored 220 5/8" 
    Boone and Crockett. Prior to harvesting these two giant bucks in 
    successive weeks, Bill had hunted for more than 100 days without 
    firing a shot during the 4 1/2 years preceding this rare achievement!



  • Custom Trophy Rooms

    Custom Trophy Rooms

    Let us help you display your trophies in a truly artistic way. We can design 
    and construct any size diorama you may have in mind along with full murals,
    trophy room design as well as electrical layout.

    This mountain was done for Remo Pizzagali in Charlotte, Vermont. The 
    mountain is approximately 14 feet high and is custom build to fit the space 
    in his trophy building. This mountain was constructed out of fiberglass and 
    assembled in Remos' trophy room. This life size diorama displays his grand 
    slam of North American sheep along with his mountain goat. The scenery 
    changes from frozen snow to desert to depict the habitat in which each trophy
    was taken. A full wall mural ties the mountain into the rest of the room.



  • Zebra Pedestal

    Zebra Pedestal

    Nothing says Africa like a Zebra! This custom pedestal shows off the 
    natural beauty of the animal. By placing the zebra on the continent of 
    Africa we bring the mount to eye level with the viewer. We used all the 
    remaining skin to cover the base, front and back, to give it a truly artistic 
    look. In fact, this piece won the WASCO award at the New England 
    Championships for most artistic piece in show!